Thursday, April 9, 2015

365.46 No Poo Week 3 in Pictures

The only thing I have done to my hair this week is a BS wash and ACV rinse on Sunday, and a WO wash last night since I had gotten so dirty cutting the grass. You can tell by the sprigs sticking out of my head that my hair is not weighed down at all. 

My hair has a ton more body to it and I hardly have any breakage. I definitely don't have the handfuls of hair that I used to lose everyday when I used shampoo, which in turn has made my hair feel much thicker.

My bangs are finally starting to catch up with the rest of my hair and that's a plus. I always had the hardest time getting them to grow. They were always breaking, for some reason, at the same length for years. Right past my chin. Not anymore!

My hair still hasn't chosen a color. I always had a sneaking suspicion that the shampoo and conditioner were causing the light streaks in my hair but apparently not. It goes from deep brown to dirty blonde all over my head. No rhyme or reason, just wherever the hell it feels like changing, it does.
I now officially have three gray hairs! Whoop! Whoop! I don't think the no poo has anything to do with that, I'm just excited so I had to mention it!


All in all this has worked out really well for me.
I haven't had all the issues a lot of other people did, and once again, I think it is because I was already a minimalist when it came to messing with my hair. I didn't gel or spray or color or anything much.
I have slowed down on the daily brushing. I just don't seem to need it as much anymore. I get up in the morning and most times just run my fingers through it. Sometimes I use the air brush in the morning but that's pretty much it.
When it starts feeling heavy I use the BBB for about twenty minutes, then the air brush and it's good to go.
I just haven't needed it as often this week. 

See ya nerds!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

365.45 Two weeks No Poo with pictures

I am really enjoying the change in my hair. It feels better, it behaves better. I haven't gained anymore curls but that's ok. The way it has been laying lately, I like it just fine. Now if I could do something about that color! Getting darker is not the way it's supposed to go at 49 years old! Sigh!

I am not having any issues with greasy or oily head or scalp.

 The pictures above were after a twenty minute brush out with a BBB. Before if I had brushed my hair with that kind of brush I would have looked like Rosanna Rosanna Danna (don't know who that is? Ask your Mom, she knows)

This is my week....
Thursday, Friday: brush out with a BBB for twenty minutes or so, then my air brush to lift it back up.
Saturday: I went and got a trim. Water only wash that night
Tip #1: you do not have to have your head washed to get a hair cut. Just tell them you want it spritzed with water instead
Tip #2: The price you pay includes a wash, ask them how much without one. They will not volunteer the information. You have to ask, otherwise you pay for a wash whether you get one or not.
Sunday: my hair was feeling a little heavy, even after the brush out so I washed with 1tbs. BS in a full mason jar of water and rinsed with 1tbs regular vinegar, once again in a full mason jar of warm water, on the length only.
Tip #3: Even if you are just putting the vinegar on the length, keep those eyes closed tight till after you have fully rinsed it out with water. You don't wanna know how I know.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 20 minute brush out at night while I am watching t.v.
That's it.
I don't have oily or greasy hair, I don't smell like a salad, and a welcome addition, no more bed head in the morning.
When I get up I no longer have hair poking out in twelve million directions or wadded up in the back of my head. I just have to run my fingers through it and I am good to go.

I know allot of people have had a hard transition period but I think because I didn't wash my hair but two or three times a week anyway, my scalp and hair were more prepared for it.
If you are having a hard time, try that for a month or two first. Maybe then the transition won't be so abrupt.
Anywho, till next time........
See ya nerds!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

365.44 The plants are in the ground

We finally had some spare time to get the tomato and squash in the ground. It was only supposed to be a few plants of each.
I ended up with 24 tomato plants and 4 squash.
Not too bad for what little bit of space we had to work with this year.
The ground is freshly tilled with all those leaves I hauled out of the front yard for two solid days.

We let the ground rest last year and didn't put down a garden. I think with that and the fact that this was once part of the chicken yard, will help me get some really nice, huge, juicy tomatoes.

The squash are in the mounds and hopefully we will have quite a bit to eat this year.

In about a month the plants will be so tall and bushy that you won't even be able to see the ground anymore. This is my favorite part, right after they go in the ground, when you can see the growth process.
We have to go this weekend to get some oyster sacks from the local shop to put down around the plants and then it's just lots of water, some side dressing every once in a while and nice big, fat, juicy, fresh home grown tomatoes in a couple of months.

Yeup, this is how we roll at the Funky Falana Farm!
 See ya nerds!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

365.42 Shiloh turns 9

I can't believe Shiloh is nine years old already. 
We get so many compliments on how healthy he is for his age, and trust me, it's in his genes because I'm not doing anything different for him.
I hear at his age he should be showing signs of hip displaysia. He doesn't. 
He should be showing signs of arthritis. He doesn't.
He has always needed a front end alignment. Ive said that since he was young because he looks crooked when he runs.
I think it's all the raw deer and wild hog and steak trimmings he gets. That and the aspirin and Benadryl he gets everyday. 
He's just a happy, handsome easy going old puppy who lives his man.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAYShiloh! I hope we get to share lots and lots more with you!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

365.43 One week no shampoo in pictures

I don't know how much you can tell from these grainy pictures, but my hair is not suffering at all from a week of no shampoo. And no! I do not dye or bleach or highlight or anything, my hair. It just can not decide on a color.
Keep in mind, in that weeks time, I would have only washed my hair with shampoo twice normally anyway.  
Sometimes I think my hair feels weighted and heavy, but then I just go grab my air brush and brush it out and it fluffs right back out.
As far as the BBB brush, I don't know how often that will get used, maybe once a week before a good WO wash out. It makes my hair feel like a helmet. I still have to get the air brush out afterwards to loosen the hair back out. It does, however, work great for spreading the love around my head and down to the ends.
The waves are starting to come into play too. That makes me happy. Usually this is how wavy my hair is before I brush it, once I do they disappear and turn into frizz. These pictures were taken just after brushing it, and they are still there. 
Not quite sure if you can tell, but I promise, they are there. 
When I decided to go the whole no poo route, I was already three days away from the last time I had washed my hair and this is how the first week went.
Thursday: 2 tbls. baking soda wash
Friday: No wash
Saturday: after being in the yard and sweating all day, I opted for another BS wash, 1tbs this time.
Sunday: No wash
Monday: No wash
Tuesday: 1 tbs BS wash
Wednesday: WO wash
I don't plan on doing anything to my hair again before Sunday. 
I think my hair is liking the whole process pretty well. 
It's not as crunchy on the ends as it used to be, and that's with the BBB brush, which I thought would just frizz out my hair so bad I would have to ditch it. But it didn't.
All in all, so far, my hair still has some frizz to it, but nothing like it used to. The waves are coming back and I haven't had too much of the grease ball issue to deal with. 
But then again it's only been a week. 
Let's hold judgement until you see the pictures from next week.
See ya nerds! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

365.42 OMG I think that's a gray hair!

Woop woop! 
What do you think Trebor? I think I see some gray!

And this is a water only wash.  So far my hair is enjoying the change. 
But look!!!! Gray!!!!!