Thursday, April 9, 2015

365.46 No Poo Week 3 in Pictures

The only thing I have done to my hair this week is a BS wash and ACV rinse on Sunday, and a WO wash last night since I had gotten so dirty cutting the grass. You can tell by the sprigs sticking out of my head that my hair is not weighed down at all. 

My hair has a ton more body to it and I hardly have any breakage. I definitely don't have the handfuls of hair that I used to lose everyday when I used shampoo, which in turn has made my hair feel much thicker.

My bangs are finally starting to catch up with the rest of my hair and that's a plus. I always had the hardest time getting them to grow. They were always breaking, for some reason, at the same length for years. Right past my chin. Not anymore!

My hair still hasn't chosen a color. I always had a sneaking suspicion that the shampoo and conditioner were causing the light streaks in my hair but apparently not. It goes from deep brown to dirty blonde all over my head. No rhyme or reason, just wherever the hell it feels like changing, it does.
I now officially have three gray hairs! Whoop! Whoop! I don't think the no poo has anything to do with that, I'm just excited so I had to mention it!


All in all this has worked out really well for me.
I haven't had all the issues a lot of other people did, and once again, I think it is because I was already a minimalist when it came to messing with my hair. I didn't gel or spray or color or anything much.
I have slowed down on the daily brushing. I just don't seem to need it as much anymore. I get up in the morning and most times just run my fingers through it. Sometimes I use the air brush in the morning but that's pretty much it.
When it starts feeling heavy I use the BBB for about twenty minutes, then the air brush and it's good to go.
I just haven't needed it as often this week. 

See ya nerds!